Award winning director, Screen-writer and music composer, Yuval Shrem began his career in Israel in 1995. Since then Yuval has been creatively involved in hundreds of television programs (including drama series, talk-shows, children shows, and drama mini-series), as well as other various media productions (commercials, live concert multi-cam shoots, video games, etc.), and award winning film projects. In the summer of 2002 Yuval moved to Los Angeles, and started his transition from the Israeli television industry, to the Hollywood independent film industry, producing, directing and developing several film projects of various scopes, as well as developing and composing original musicals. Additionally, Yuval has co-founded FABLE SOUNDS – a music software company, where Yuval’s musical and technical concepts were the foundation to  the development of its patented technology, as well as the development of the critically acclaimed virtual instrument “Broadway Big Band”, and co-founded FABLE ENTERTAINMENT, a Hollywood based Production Company.

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Now playing

The Climb - at the Chinese Theater - February 24 @ 6:00 PM

After it played at the Culver City Film Festival at the end of 2022, it is now an official selection at the Golden State Film Festival and will be screened on opening night: Friday, February 24, at 6:00PM at the world-famous Hollywood TLC Chinese Theaters (Block L – theater 3)

$15 tickets at the festival desk (at the door)

A freshly canceled social media influencer is forced to face her life choices and ends up begging for a second chance at life.

*(was made as an entry at the 48 hour film challenge festival)

Directed by Yuval Shrem

Yuval Shrem was the guest on the prestigious podcast StoryBeat (episode 98), where he was interviewed about his creative process. Check out this long-form deep-dive interview on StoryBeat!

It Ain't Me - the winning streak continues!

After a winning streak of two “Best Director” awards at the Culver City FIlm Festival and Golden State Film Festival, a Best Cinematography award at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival, and Best Music Video at the Pasadena International festival, IT AIN’T ME has won 4 nominations at New Hope Film Festival, and another nomination ay Gold Movie Awards in London, then another nomination for Best Music Video at Erie International Film Festival, and a Golden Reel Award at Shockfest. It is now also an Official Selection at JellyFest.

More details on upcoming screenings – coming soon…

Invisible Lines - a new film by Yuval Shrem - Coming soon!

Yuval Shrem’s new half-hour narrative shot film: INVISIBLE LINES qualified and was on the ballot for the Oscars in the Live Action Narrative Short Film category, and it now awaits to begin its film festival run.

The film examines nuanced questions about the #MeToo movement, through an emotional, intellectual, and philosophical journey on one night that turns the lives of a beloved Govroner and his family upside down, just days before election day of his reelection bid.