Award winning director, Screen-writer and music composer, Yuval Shrem began his career in Israel in 1995. Since then Yuval has been creatively involved in hundreds of television programs (including drama series, talk-shows, children shows, and drama mini-series), as well as other various media productions (commercials, pop concert DVDs, video games, etc.), and award winning film projects. In the summer of 2002 Yuval moved to Los Angeles, and started his transition from the Israeli television industry, to the Hollywood independent film industry, producing, directing and developing several film projects of various scopes. Additionally, Yuval has co-founded FABLE SOUNDS – a music software company, where Yuval’s musical and technical concepts were the foundation to  the development of its patented technology, as well as the development of the critically acclaimed virtual instrument “Broadway Big Band”, and co-founded FABLE ENTERTAINMENT, a Hollywood based Production Company.

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