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About Yuval Shrem

A member of the Israeli Academy of Motion Pictures & Television.
An associate member of The Recording Academy (Grammys).

Winner of 2017 Best Director at LA Shorts Awards for his film THE BABIES.
Winner of 2017 Best Produced Screenplay at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards.
Winner of 2017 Best Film at LA Shorts Awards for his film THE BABIES.
Winner of 2017 Spotlight Gold Award at Spotlight Short Film Awards for his film THE BABIES.
Winner of 2017 Honorable Mention: Best Indie Film at Festigious International Film Festival.
Winner of 2016 Award of Recognition at Best Shorts Competition for his film THE BABIES.
Winner of 2017 Best Sci-Fi Short at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival for his film THE BABIES

With vast experience in film, television, and theater, Yuval Shrem is a well-rounded director, who can work in a wide scope of genres, and budget levels.

Since 1995, Yuval Shrem has been creatively involved in hundreds of television programs in Israel, before moving to Los Angeles in 2002. During that time, Yuval wrote screenplays for Israeli network TV, directed both for television and for video games, and composed music scores and original songs for many successful network television shows in Israel.

Yuval studied at the drama department of The School of Arts in Tel Aviv, as well as the FIlm & Television departments at the Tel Aviv University, and at the University of Southern California (USC). Yuval also attended numerous writing, directing and producing seminars and workshops,  including workshops and seminars presented by Jim Sheridan, Evan Psser, Jang Yeemoo, Tzipi Trope, Phillip Gouliet, Michal Bat-Adam, Edna Mazia, David Freeman, and Steve Kaplan.

In 2009 Yuval became a member of The Actor’s Studio West as a director in the Playwright/Director’s Unit, where he also directed the dark comedy SIZZLE SIZZLE by Stephen Fife, which he later adapted to a feature film project currently in development.

After directing the critically-acclaimed 2013 world premiere of the play “BLUE KISS” by Stephen Fife, Yuval had developed with him a film adaptation of the play, which is now in the packaging stage.

Yuval Shrem has much experience in both single-cam and multi-cam shoots, he is a strong actor’s-director, has deep understanding of VFX, and also has extensive knowledge and experience of cinematography, after D.P.’ing several of his own projects, including THE BABIES, AS NIGHT FALLS and A PLEA FOR TENDERNESS.

Yuval co-founded FABLE ENTERTAINMENT with his longtime collaborator, Israeli TV mega-producer and V.P. Of content and production at the Israeli Channel 10 television network – Zivit Davidovitch, recently wrote and directed the award-winning short film THE BABIES, and is currently in post-production on his first feature film as a director – A PLEA FOR TENDERNESS.

Director Reels

Yuval Shrem's December 2013 Extended Director's Reel

This is a long-form extended director’s reel (12 minutes) from back in December 2013. It focuses mostly on single-cam narrative works. It includes clips from both completed projects, projects in post production and even some test shoots of projects in development. To watch more recent works, you are invited to scroll down and watch movie clips from the featured projects below.


A PLEA FOR TENDERNESS is a feature film project, currently in post production. It is a stream-of-consciousness drama about an American soldier, coming back from war, who is suffering from PTSD. As he comes back home, he realizes that everything he knew, has now changed, including himself. His father had developed an Alzheimer’s, and can no longer recognize him as his son. His ex-girlfriend is pregnant and engaged to another man. He is still estranged from his sister who was upset about him signing up for military service, and he is terrified of connecting with people in general. With the encouragement of Paco – a friend from battle, who also suffers from an acute case of PTSD, Michael prepares himself to assassinate his commanding officer, who gave him orders which he now knows were illegal and immoral, orders that led him to his post traumatic condition, and that had cost the lives of many innocent people. The film goes into Michael’s mind, and his struggles, dreams, fears, imagined events and real ones, and memories from battle, flashing back as a perpetual video game, as his therapy sessions with the V.A. Psychologist help verbalize and lead the audience along this metaphorical journey home.

Coming soon…

THE BABIES is a gripping and mind-bending short film, which pretends to be a science fiction movie, and pretends to be about population size control in a futuristic world, but holds in it many surprises that are sure to both entertain audiences and provoke thought.

THE BABIES is about the corrupt oppression of helpless people by those in strategic positions of authority – the clerk, the nurse, the cop. It is also a frightfully truthful glimpse at how the mentally ill experience the world. It takes you on a roller-coaster and disturbs your sense of fairness, challenging both your morality and your very perception of reality itself.

THE BABIES - Official trailer #3

AS NIGHT FALLS is a murder mystery long-short film project currently in post-production. It tells the story of 5 characters who each in their own way, violates their own intuitive judgment call, and ultimately pays the karmic price for it.

The project is currently in post-production.

Coming soon…

Additional projects in development, such as: