Scholarly Articles

Yuval Shrem has written scholarly articles about music and music production, published in prestigious trade magazines, such as Keyboard Magazine and Recording Magazine. Most notably:

“Mock-up Magic” – an article published in Recording Magazine in 2013, about producing music with virtual instruments and sample libraries, offering a blend of techniques and best practices, as well as a unique point of view and concepts that Yuval can offer as a leading virtual instrument developer and a seasoned music producer.

and “Where Did The Melody Go?” – published in Keyboard Magazine (and available online), about the ever-changing place of melody in music, from the beginning of time and into the future, taking a bird’s eye view at the subject and analyzing the correlation and affects of language, technology and mass media.

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Where did the melody go?

The in-depth article about the ever-changing role of melody in music, as published by Keyboard Magazine in December 2014. In 2020, a YouTube video, based on this article was published on the channel “Inside The Score ” under the title “The Death of Melody” and has so far reached more than 2 million views.

Mock-Up Magic

The article about concepts and methods of creating a hyper-realistic midi mock-up when producing music with virtual instruments and sample libraries, as published in the June 2013 issue of Recording Magazine.