Yuval Shrem – Biography

Yuval Shrem was born in Israel in 1976, to his mother – Israeli Actress – Addi Kaplan and his Father – Israeli musician – Eldad Shrem. Growing up in a family of professional artists at the top of the Israeli entertainment industry meant that a large portion of Yuval’s childhood was spent in theaters, concert halls, recording studios and television studios, seeing his parents at work.

In that sense, it was not very surprising that Yuval made a choice at an early age, to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a professional creative artist. By the age of 4, Yuval already began to study music. By the age of 7 he began to study drama, and by the age of 8 he narrowed his career choice down to writing and directing film and television and composing, arranging and conducting music. Interestingly, Yuval had never changed his mind about that early career choice in any significant way.

Growing up, one of Yuval’s mother’s best friends was acclaimed American composer and conductor – Leonard Bernstein. As such, Yuval had been to all of the concerts Bernstein conducted in Israel since he was only 2 years old, and was also invited to most rehearsals and recordings. Needless to say, this was an enormously impactful experience and a very educational one as well.

The last time Yuval had met Bernstein was at his Bar Mitzvah celebration in Tel Aviv, just one year before Bernstein passed away.

Yuval Shrem studied at the School of Arts in Tel Aviv since it was first opened, first in the drama department (for 6 years) and then in the music department, and then after graduating from there, studied at the highly coveted music department at the Arts and Sciences High School in Jerusalem, while attending a screenwriting workshop at the Open University of Tel Aviv, and then at the film department at Alon High School in Ramat Hasharon (both in Israel).

As an Israeli citizen, he was required to serve in the military. Yuval served in the Israeli Air Force as a “Video Producer”, writing, directing, producing, shooting and editing videos for the Israeli Air Force.

During his military service, Yuval acquired a special permit to work, and began his career in the Israeli television industry as a television composer, composing music for television shows on the Israeli Channel 2 network.

following his service in the Air Force, Yuval studied at the film and television school of the Tel Aviv University. Challenged by one of his teachers, Yuval began the development of a television series which had strong political themes, and which was picked up for development by the major Israeli television production studio JCS. Unfortunately the show was not picked up by the networks. At the time it was considered a bit too daring for broadcast TV.

While his music career started to pick up, and included multiple simultaneous shows on major TV networks, his directing career was having a slow beginning because most Israeli producers have already known Yuval as a composer, and had a hard time considering him as a writer and director, that is until he independently produced, directed and co-wrote the pilot for the thriller SANE. The pilot included A-list actors and had garnered some interest, but ended up not selling, however, it did open some doors for Yuval and helped him prove himself as a writer and director worth hiring. Following the pilot, Yuval had landed several writing and directing jobs both in television and other media such as video games.

Still in Israel, Yuval had attended a long list of workshops and seminars including:

  • Directing Actors workshop, presented by USC instructors as part of the International Student Film Festival (Tel-Aviv)
  • Screen writing workshop of “The New Fund for Cinema and Television”, directed by Edna Mazia.
  • Director’s Workshops with: Jim Sheridan, Evan Psser and Jang Yeemoo.
  • Screen Acting workshop, directed by Michal Bat-Adam.
  • Screenwriting workshop directed by Dr. Tzipi Trope

In 2002, Yuval received a scholarship from the America Israel Cultural Foundation to go to the USC Summer film workshops. He attended 2 intensive workshops there: Film Directing, and The Independent Filmmaker’s Journey.

Since coming to the US, Yuval had attended a long list of additional workshops and seminars including:

  • “Comedy Intensive” seminar by Steve Kaplan
  • Animation screenwriting (Scriptwriters Network)
  • Indie Film financing seminar produced by Dreamscape Studios
  • “Beyond Structure” – a screen-writing seminar by David Freeman
  • “Beyond Beyond Structure” – a follow-up seminar to “Beyond Structure”

After several Entertainment industry meetings in New York and Los Angeles, Yuval saw the potential in possibly working both in Israel and in the United States, and applied for a temporary work visa. That application was repeatedly misprocessed and Yuval’s career suffered greatly for over a decade, limiting him to entirely independent non-paying projects for an exceedingly long time.

Co-founding Fable Sounds and Fable Entertainment, companies that utilize Yuval Shrem’s intellectual property, had enabled him to survive financially during this time, along with royalties from Israeli broadcasts and album sales.

  • Yuval Shrem has been granted 2 US patents for his inventions used in virtual instruments by Fable Sounds.
  • In 2009 Yuval became a member of the Actor’s Studio West, as a director in their Playwright/Director Unit.
  • In 2013 Yuval directed the world premiere of the play BLUE KISS in Los Angeles, to rave reviews.


  • Winner of 2016 Award of Recognition from the Best Shorts Competition for his film THE BABIES.
  • Winner of 2017 Best Director from LA Shorts Awards for his film THE BABIES.
  • Winner of 2017 Best Produced Screenplay from Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards for his film THE BABIES.
  • Winner of 2017 Best Film from LA Shorts Awards for his film THE BABIES.
  • Winner of 2017 Spotlight Gold Award from Spotlight Short Film Awards for his film THE BABIES.
  • Winner of 2017 Honorable Mention: Best Indie Film from Festigious International Film Festival for his film THE BABIES.
  • Winner of 2017 Best Sci-Fi Short from Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival for his film THE BABIES.
  • Yuval Shrem is a member of the Israeli Academy of Motion Pictures & Television,
  • A member of ACUM (the Israeli royalties company for authors, composers, lyricists, poets, arrangers and music publishers),
  • A member in IUPA (the Israeli Union of Performing Artists), and
  • An associate member of The Recording Academy (Grammys).